Acquiring your guitar can be really a thrilling thing sometimes. Because when you pick your guitar, maybe you need to learn how to play this instrument—chords, notes, scales, and slides, really all of that! The speed of learning is crucial because then you can at least dazzle your family or friends with new talent.
In the beginning, the zeal for playing is great, however, many beginners encounter some stumbling blocks which, if not quickly addressed, are able to hinder or halt serious progress. Regardless of the personal skill levels, it’s very important that you evaluate your performing style in some time periods if you want to make sure that you really have nice practice habits.

1 – Guitar Tuning Neglect

Almost all rookies don’t know the right way for tuning their instrument properly, but they even don’t notice the time when their instrument is really out of its tune! So, there are several reasons why you need to know this because out-of-tune instrument hurts your personal progress a lot.
Also, if you possess the habit to practice both on and that out-of-tune guitar, then when you hear someone who is in tune will really make you wonder why there is a big problem with your sound. Sometimes self-doubt is able to discourage a beginner from further practicing, and some give up because of this sole reason.

Little boy practicing playing guitar near window on a sunny day. The boy aged 6.

Before you start to play anything, be sure that your guitar is in the right tune, and you can also buy a nice tuner. Check or also double check yourself, and then also again after some time during your playing. And, in the case that you don’t know this by your ear yet, establish this as a goal to learn this quickly.

2 – Overestimating Yourself

If you practice only what you know, well, this is truly biggest mistake that some rookies can make. Because if you only play some stuff that you know, then you’re just slowly spinning your own wheels, and the real idea is the opposite thing. You must spread your horizons.
It’s really nice if you need to do this in a form of a warm-up before gigs, and not in the case when you learn to play the electric or acoustic guitar because then you really need to learn to perform some new things if you want to evolve further. Also, be sure that you learn some complete songs, and not only the parts.
If you’re really still performing “Stairway,” or “Crazy Train” for two to four months down your path and you still call it real practice, well, then you’re very wrong. Play some tracks that you really know just a few times weekly to maintain them fresh, but also add more new tunes for your practice, because that truly keeps motivation and also postpones stagnation.

3 – Avoiding Of Barre Chords

Learning some barre chords could be the biggest leap that you will accomplish for the improving of your abilities, so the first hurdle that you will surely encounter is probably this. In some cases you struggled during your practice, otherwise, up until that period you practiced good, it is like some learning the usage of your pinkie finger and also changing chords, well, but every other challenge prior to this part was really smooth to overcome.
Because barre chords really involve one finger for holding down more strings. So, if you really are a true beginner, then you are certainly intimidated by this because barre chords require some greater strength for the fretting hand. Also, they are hard sometimes to master at first, and that’s why many of those beginners avoid playing tracks that need them.

4 – Learning From Very Different Sources

Many rookies make the same mistake when they jump between different videos, and when they read various articles on the internet or in some guitar magazines. So, switching between different online courses is clearly a problem. So, this is really true when they are stuck on some part and then they switch those learning sources to keep everything easy.
With many paths that are available nowadays to really know how to play guitar, maybe you really risk the information overload in your brain. You will not be able to find the right answers that you seek, and then this information abundance will really overwhelm or paralyze you. So, you need to be in a dedicated and focused state of mind.
Find some good teachers or a nice online course that possess some clear and comprehensive lesson patterns and plans, then stick to this firmly. If some things get a bit tough, then persevere. So, don’t look for some easier solutions in all cases, that will really keep you completely stuck.

5 – Impatience

When you discover some secrets for the more effective and practical ways of playing the instrument, it will really become a way easier, and you will progress far more quickly. But, it is really equally important for you to know and to sometimes realize that there are no ways to really speed up the pace of the progress more than it is natural.
So, like some kind of a seed that you put in the soil in the great hopes and wishes of someday seeing that developing into a nice fruit tree, that is what patience is. It truly doesn’t matter how you really try to speed it all up, because there are particular stages of guitar practice growth that cannot be simply rushed after a while.

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